B.C. Building Code Changes as of December 12th, 2019

Higher real estate prices are creating changes to the B.C. Building Code to make real estate more affordable for families in B.C.  As of December 12th, 2019 the building code will no longer restrict the size of secondary suites which previously maxed out at 968 sq ft. 

This will be extremely helpful when 2 equal partners are buying real estate together and both want to have a 50% interest.  For instance, if a parent wants to invest with his or her children and build a side suite, now a larger suite can be created providing more of a house feel for the parent.  Strata units will also be allowed to have suite potential if the municipal level agrees. 

Make sure to check with your municipal hall to ensure your future plans will be approved.  We will see more of these kind of changes in the future if prices continue to rise.