Retiring with Cashflow in Aldergrove

(October 29, 2019 )

Free Investor Seminar on November 17th  2019 from 1-5pm which will offer step by step strategies on how to acquire real estate rental properties, increase your cashflow, tips on attracting great tenants & unique opportunities to add value to your investments in the Lower Mainland.  Thinking ahead will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Buying your retirement home today and using it as a rental until it's time to retire saves you selling a rental and being taxed and it also saves you from buying your next home in a heated market at premium prices. Creative zoning is available offering the ability to build 2 homes each with a legal side suite, each living quarter could have it's own fenced yard, private driveway and laundry.  This could be the key purchase that keeps your parents and children close but not too close.  Buying a $550,000.00 purchase today if it doubles again as it has every 12 years since 1981 would increase your value to $1,100,000.00.  I have been selling real estate for 27 years and the #1 comment I hear from consumers is Real Estate cannot possibly double again and the #1 regret is "I wish I bought 2 houses".  Taking cautious action is key.  Learn your areas, ask questions, get quotes, research stats about vacancy rates, population growth, new transportation systems coming and appreciation rates.
A $550,000.00 home should double in 12 years bringing the value to $1,100,000.00 
and the mortgage should be paid down by $133,056.00 leaving a balance of $306,944.00
Net profit $793,056.00 plus your rental income of $1800 upstairs and $1400 down will increase 2.6% a year making your rental income after 12 years a total of $4800.00 per month.